We are a Christian charity with a strong legacy of over 30 years serving some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in Bristol. At the heart of all that we do is the firm belief that every person, no matter their circumstances, can transform their lives away from homelessness, addiction, poverty, and abuse. We accept every person who arrives at our doors, serving without condition. When clients are ready to make positive changes, we empower and equip them to make those changes, to improve their lives for the long-term.


Offering food, shelter, hope and support in the community.


A drop-in centre for people who are homeless or who have low incomes, to receive a hot meal, clothes, and other practical support, in a supportive community.


An emergency women-only night shelter for women fleeing domestic abuse, addiction, homelessness, and prostitution.


The Life Course and Life Recovery Groups offer clients in recovery from addiction and abuse, mutual support and the development of life skills.


Emergency food parcels for people experiencing food poverty across South and East Bristol. Benefits advice, assistance with budgeting and healthy cooking are offered.


In 2019/20, inHope provided:

  • 2,052 emergency bed nights provided to vulnerable women.

  • 1,560 meals served every week of the year for 50 weeks.

  • 5,948 individuals fed by foodbank parcels, 2,060 of which were children.

  • 5,066 counts of practical help which includes sleeping bags, clothing, toiletries and shower and laundry use.

  • 1,374 sessions of personal support. This includes listening support, telephone & computer use, prayer, financial support, referrals to other agencies including drug advice services & housing advocacy, and accompanying clients to courts, rehabs and hospitals.


Spring of Hope: support for women continues. 
Spring of Hope: support for women continues. 

Despite the lockdown, there is still hope as Cynthia finally finds a home. Cynthia*, a 63-year-old client, came to Spring of Hope having been sofa-surfing with family and friends for over a decade. She had no income, no home, no ID, and no belongings, other…

Eilidh’s direction “in Hope.”
Eilidh’s direction “in Hope.”

Faced with the isolation of full lockdown back in the Spring, people struggled in many different ways. For those already struggling with an addiction before Covid-19 hit, their addictions got much worse, and help was hard to find as…

Jayne’s story – From no hope, to “loads of hope!”
Jayne’s story – From no hope, to “loads of hope!”

Spring of Hope: *Jayne’s story Only a year ago, Jayne was street homeless and sofa surfing; a chronic alcoholic and drug user, who sold herself for sex to pay for alcohol. She was near the end and without hope.…