Supporting and helping homeless and vulnerable people is a long-term process with real costs involved. Here at inHope, it requires a monthly cost of £72,000 to run our services for those in need. We’re an independent charity, so we’re highly dependent on voluntary donations and need your support.
During lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, most outdoor fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. So we’ve had to think outside the box with fundraising ideas.

– Hosting virtual pub quiz via Zoom and asking people to donate to join in

– If you’re a musician, sharing a live gig via Facebook and sharing our appeal link.

– Get sponsored to shave your hair.

– A sponsored silence.

– Climb Mount Everest by climbing your stairs 2904 times!

Remember to let us know about your challenge so that we can support you and publicise your challenge on our social medial channels. Share photos and videos of yourself doing your challenges to get more support and encouragement.

You can also download a sponsorship form here.