What is inHope membership?

We see Members as a key sub-set of our support base and many Members are active participants in the work through volunteering, praying, promoting the ministry through their family, friends and networks, and through financial support. As such therefore, members play a vital role in sustaining the work and ministry of inHope.

What are the commitments of an inHope member?

The overriding purpose and role of Members is to ensure that the Association (inHope) conducts itself properly and lawfully. It is expected that Members will attend the AGM (Annual General Meeting), at which they will hear reports on the work and performance of inHope, receive the annual accounts, vote on any resolutions put forward and will elect the Directors/Trustees who form the Board of Trustees. In the event of inHope winding up with debts, the Articles state that each Member has an obligation to contribute to the Association an amount not exceeding £10.

As you will be aware, inHope is a faith based organisation, having a statement of faith, and so we would want Members to align themselves with that statement and to support the work in light of that. A key purpose of membership, notwithstanding the legal requirement, is to uphold the work of inHope, its Trustees, staff and volunteers, before God so that His power is experienced through the work. Your involvement will be a faith-building exercise, with your prayers affecting the lives of those to whom we minister.

How do you become a member?

If you would like to become an inHope member, you can simply fill in this short sign-up form here.