inHope Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

East Bristol Foodbank has already experienced a significant increase of people in need of emergency food. The amount of food they have handed out has increased by 40% in the past two weeks, and this is set to increase as people are plunged into food poverty after losing income.

Our Foodbank team and volunteers featured on BBC Points West on 26/3/20 lunchtime news. Watch here:

The Wild Goose pop-up service, running outside Stapleton Road Chapel, is continuing to serve takeaway drinks and snacks to our usual service users. They are serving between 65 and 70 people a day.

We are operating under government instructions of social distancing for all involved in the projects; service users, volunteers and staff. This has caused additional and unplanned costs for us e.g. disposable gloves, disposable cups, hand and surface sanitiser, unused plastic/paper bags, and packing boxes for food parcels. As lock down is enforced, the Foodbank team are looking at moving to a delivery service. This will increase fuel costs monumentally. 

Fundraising events and sponsored challenges won’t be able to happen for the foreseeable future. This will have a negative impact on our income.

At present, we are focusing on the immediate and ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but the long term effects for homeless and vulnerable people in Bristol are yet to be seen. We will need your donations to ensure we can remain to be there for those who need us most.

YOU CAN HELP. Please donate to our coronavirus emergency appeal:

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