Lent Reflection Series

Our charity campaign this Lent is focussing on aspects of life that people lose due to homelessness (identity, network, health, opportunities, purpose, enjoyment). I’ve written a Lent Reflection Series, here that is full of weekly reflections, discussion questions, bible verses and a weekly challenge.

‘Lent is traditionally a time when Christians observe a time of fasting or giving up a luxury, to remember Jesus’ fasting for 40 days in the desert. Our aim for this six-part, weekly Lent reflection series is, as we purposefully give things up, we also reflect on things that homeless people lose, often not by choice, but due to homelessness.’

I think this booklet will be really useful for individuals, churches, home groups and youth groups. I will be sharing the weekly reflections and other related content on our social media channels (@inHopeBristol, Facebook and Twitter), so please watch out for that.

Printed copies will be available at our Rededication Service on Wednesday 26th February (RSVP here), for a suggested donation of £1 per booklet to cover printing costs.

I’d love to hear your feedback and any comments from those who read it and engage with it.

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