Life Recovery Groups


We are currently running a LRG Zoom meeting which is open for people to attend who want to SUPPORT their RECOVERY and GROW their FAITH.

This ZOOM meeting is on THURSDAYs at 1pm and more details about Life Recovery Groups are found in the text below. If you’d like to register to attend this ZOOM meeting then please fill in the short form here: LRG ZOOM REGISTRATION



LRG is a church based Christian support group for people who have been affected by addiction / substance misuse / mental health problems / compulsive behaviour, and all struggles and social issues that make life even harder. It started when a group of Christians in recovery wanted to create a space to bridge the gap between their church life & faith, and their support groups & recovery activities.

Our group meetings are a safe place for those who want to experience God’s love and help in their life. It is for people who want to understand how their faith can equip them with insights and tools to help them on their recovery journey. It’s for anyone who wants to belong to a community that values them. We believe Jesus came for people who have lost their way and want to get back on the right path, to discover “life in all its fullness.”

We meet to look at the Bible and honestly apply it to ourselves, to tell our stories of how we are changing, to learn how to pray and connect with our heavenly Father, and to share in a community that is loving and non-judgemental because none of us are totally sorted.

LRG is a recovery group, not a recovery program. This means that we believe people will greatly benefit from other support programmes and we also encourage members to belong to a local church, but this doesn’t have to be the host church.

Anyone is welcome to attend. You don’t have to be a Christian to attend but we do expect everyone to be respectful and open-minded towards the Christian faith.

We say in our preamble (* to see the full preamble),

“We will not endanger another person’s recovery by attending under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. We will not undermine another person’s integrity by telling them what they should do or think, rather we will focus on the changes we ourselves have to make.”

We look forward to meeting you.

*Click here for full preamble.