Our activities

Our activities

The Wild Goose

The Wild Goose is a drop-in centre, open 4 days and 6 nights a week, and provides people with a hot meal, practical support and signposting to other appropriate services.

Spring of Hope

Spring of Hope is an emergency night shelter for women fleeing from domestic abuse, addiction and prostitution. Open 6 nights a week.

Life Recovery

Life Recovery project helps clients who are recovering from addiction and abuse through mutual support and the development of life skills.

South & East Bristol Foodbank

South & East Bristol Foodbank provides emergency food parcels for those in extreme need. They also offer debt advice and run eat well spend less courses.

In 2019/20, inHope provided:

  • 2,052 emergency bed nights provided to vulnerable women.

  • 1,560 meals served every week of the year for 50 weeks.

  • 5,948 individuals fed by foodbank parcels, 2,060 of which were children.

  • 5,066 counts of practical help which includes sleeping bags, clothing, toiletries and shower and laundry use.

  • 1,374 sessions of personal support. This includes listening support, telephone & computer use, prayer, financial support, referrals to other agencies including drug advice services & housing advocacy, and accompanying clients to courts, rehabs and hospitals.