Leave a gift in your Will

Leave a gift in your Will

Families come in all different shapes and sizes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become even more clear how much our families and loved ones mean to us, and the passion we have in our hearts to protect, provide, and see the flourishing of those we hold dear. We understand how important it is to remember your loved ones in your will, and the current crisis may have prompted you to create or update your will.

As well as your passion for your family and loved ones, we know that through your donations, volunteering, and prayers, you have a passion to see that people in need can get food, shelter, hope, and support, and that lives are changes for the better. By leaving a legacy of love to inHope in your will, you will be helping to lift marginalised and disadvantaged people out of abuse, poverty and addiction.

My will has been in place for a number of years now, but I have changed it several times and increased my legacy to inHope. After my family, it’s important to me to remember inHope in my will because, ‘there but for the grace of God go I.’ My experience of volunteering has made me less judgemental, and it gives me pleasure, literally, to know that a legacy will go some way to helping homeless people get out of the downward spiral they may be in.

-Clare, Supporter of inHope.

Your gift will also provide us with funding for the long term; allowing us to plan our services, so that they are as effective at helping as many people as possible.

Your gift, large or small, will help pay for hot food, practical and emotional support, temporary accommodation, counselling, and financial support for those in great need. You can read the impact your gift will make to those in need here.

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a legacy to inHope, we would be very glad to speak with you. Contact [email protected] to arrange this. 

Always seek independent, professional legal advice when writing your will.

Types of Gifts

There are 4 different types of gifts that you can leave us in your will:
1. A share of your estate: After you have provided for your family and friends, you can leave a share or percentage of your estate to us. This is called a residuary gift.
2. A cash gift: You can leave us a fixed sum of money, however it is worth noting that these types of gifts do decrease in value over time due to inflation so you may wish to regularly review the value of your intended gift.
3. A specific gift: You may wish to leave us a specific item. This could be anything from property to books. Wherever possible we will make use of your gift in the work that we do or give it to a client who has a need of your gift. If we are not able to use your item in this way, we will sell your gift to raise funds for our work.
4. A gift in your trust: You can leave estate or items to loved ones to enjoy in their lifetime, but the gift can be passed on to other recipients on their death including your nominated charity.


Q. Why should I make a will?
A. If you do not make a will, your assets can be distributed to your family or friends according to the law and not to who you intended to be the recipients. By making a will, you would be ensuring that your assets and money would be left to exactly who you want to receive them.
Q. How do I make a will?
A. It is a very simple process. You put together a list of everything that you own, work out each item’s value and who you would like to receive each item/funds and contact a solicitor.
Q. What would my gift be used for?
A. Any size gift, large or small will provide for all kinds of support that is needed by the homeless and vulnerable clients who we are helping at the time of your gift. This could be to pay towards temporary accommodation, hot meals or meal parcels for those who cannot afford food, detoxes, clothing, payment towards utility bills, subsidy for travel or counselling costs, and much, much more to provide support and life’s basic needs to people living in poverty.
Q. Do I need to tell inHope that I have remembered you in my will?
A. It is not necessary but we would be delighted if you did so that we can keep you informed of developments and news of our work and because we would like to thank you. Our Supporter Engagement Officer, Sarah, can be contacted via: [email protected].