Practical Items

Practical Items

Practical donations are so helpful to our clients, especially in the winter months as they struggle to keep warm and dry. We also have the added challenge of needing PPE to be able to provide service to our clients, and to keep everyone safe. 

You can find the list of needed items that can be bought through our online Give Today shop:

Ordering via our shop reduces the numbers of people visiting to drop off donations, which is very important during the pandemic. It also enables us to plan deliveries and storage.

Thank you so much for supporting those without a place to call home.

If you have any other questions, please contact the office on 0117 330 1230.

We can’t accept duvets, blankets, mattresses, pillows or sheets.
We can’t accept food that has already been cooked.
We can’t accept leftover food due to health and hygiene standards.