All of our projects rely heavily on volunteers. Quite simply, we would not be able to work without them! Our volunteers predominantly come from churches across the city. They support us by rolling up their sleeves to serve food, wash dishes, sweep the floor, make beds, serve as a trustee or simply show some love to the people who come through our doors.

Our projects

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The Wild Goose drop-in centre

Spring of Hope women’s night shelter

East Bristol foodbank

Life Recovery


inHope is a Christian charity, and our work is an expression of the church in action in Bristol.  Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we welcome volunteers who are supportive of our Christian ethos and who want to support the most vulnerable people within our community. 

Training will be given to all volunteers. We are also committed to providing good quality training for those supporting individuals in recovery and to equip our volunteers for the work they do. We do this in partnership with the Life Recovery Group (LRG).

Did you know…

  • Each shift in the Wild Goose, volunteers serve around 500 cups of tea and coffee. This equates to 1,500 hot drinks served every day, and a grand total of 5kg of sugar and 1.2kg of coffee!
  • Every breakfast, the Wild Goose serves 300 pieces of toast.
  • In February we recorded 491 times that volunteers came to support our projects.
  • Everyday in the Wild Goose, volunteers and staff wash up over 1500 dirty dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • Spring of Hope does 4-10 loads of washing each day, meaning that their washing machine is on almost constantly!

If you would like to be a part of this amazing volunteering effort, please let us know!

Contact: Steve SmithVolunteer Coordinator